Welcome to our twice-weekly chanting circles!

Mondays and Thursdays 12:00 – 1:00 PM

In the Heart Room at Heart of Wellness

Have you ever read the poetry of Rumi or Hafiz? Rumi has for many years been the most popular poet in the United States. And yet he was a 13th century Islamic scholar and mystic!

This may seem strange but it really isn’t. I look around and I see many hearts aching to live the kind of life Rumi and Hafiz themselves aspired to live: a life of deep integrity and passionate ecstasy held gently in the vast peace that comes from a felt experience of relaxing into the limitless ocean of God’s mercy.

I used to read Rumi and Hafiz and wonder about what spiritual practices they must have engaged in to be inspired to such wisdom and passion.

Now I no longer wonder because I am blessed to be able to return each and every day to many of the same practices that inspired Rumi and Hafiz. These are the practices of Sufism, the mystical heart of Islam. But you don’t need to be a Sufi or a Muslim to benefit from these practices. Whoever you are, and whatever your faith, these simple practices will help you to open your heart ever more deeply and ever more widely to the limitless ocean of love and mercy that is available to you in every breath.

Our weekly Sufi Healing Circles are an introduction to what was traditionally considered to be the first and last and best of these practices: what in Arabic is known as dhikr, or the remembrance of God (and a felt experience of our relationship with God) using the recitation of sacred phrases and the holy names of God as a reminder. The version of group dhikr that we practice is a traditional practice known as the wird that has been practiced in the same way every day for hundreds of years by the Shadhuliyya lineage of Sufis. The Arabic word wird means well or watering hole, and this is a very appropriate name since it is a practice that relieves the thirst of the soul and helps the soul to find deep renewal in the wellspring of Divine love and truth. This is a healing practice for your soul at the deepest level.